Sunday, January 3, 2010

You're never too old for a sleepover

Boyd has been off for a week and half and it is has been so fun. We have had 3 sleepovers in the last week, and believe me, we are still not too old for a sleepover.

Sleep over 1: West Virginia
Boyd's sister and her family have moved to West Virginia. We are very excited to have more family (Boyd's brother and his family are in Boston) here in the East. We decided to take a little road trip down to see them. It only took us 6 hours. Our kids never got out of their car seats.

We were there for one night, but we had a great time playing music and games!

Sleep over 2: Columbus, OH
The second part of our road trip was to Columbus, Ohio. Why Columbus, you ask? We decided to meet our dear friends who left NYC 6 months ago half way to have some fun. We found an affordable indoor water park, called Ft. Rapids and made it our meeting point. Jane and Gavin were so happy to see each other. During our first dinner together we would find them deep in silly conversation. Our rooms were connected and we put the kids down in one room and we played games, caught up, and ate in the other room for a good portion of the night. It was fun to catch up with the Brunson's. The water park was perfect for all. Gavin was finally tall enough and brave enough to go on some of the bigger slides. The ride home was difficult and it included throw up and a detour in Newark, but it was still well worth it. We had a blast.

Sleep over 3: New York City, NY

Our New Years this year was very low key, but was so fun. We went over to our friend's apartment. They had the most delicious spread of cheese, meat, and chocolate. I can't claim any credit, since it was so last minute, so Thanks Lynda! It was the best fondue I have ever had and decided it would be a fun New Years tradition. The kids had a great time playing together. We decided we would try and put our kids down there, so we could play games and celebrate the New Years with them. We ended up playing games and the wii and talking until 4 AM, so we decided to just stay the night. It was a bit rough the next day, but it was still worth it!

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Curteis said...

Next time you need to head 3 hrs. south from WV to Raleigh, NC! Glad you are well. Tell Boyd hello for me.