Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Eli! September

It was another baseball themed party this year. Only this time for for Eli! Eli turned 5 in September. The rain forced our party inside for the first part where we ate ballpark food (hotdogs, chips, soda). The rain stopped, and we were able to head over to Camel park where we made some runs around the bases, a few practice bats and some swings at the baseball piñata. Then it was back for cupcakes!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Day of School-

IT is hard to believe that these boys started school almost 4 months ago and I am just now posting. We decided to switch schools this year. I can not describe to you the hours of agony and anxiety spent over this decision. Gavin was in a great dual language program, but we had some concerns with the school and with the overall education system in general.

 Eli was entering kindergarten, so we had decided to keep all our school options for him. We had a few friends who attended this new charter school in our neighborhood. They absolutely loved it, so I decided to apply, but I really didn't think much of it. But, then they both "won the lottery" and got into the school. Statistically, it was pretty lucky that they both got in. They both had to win the lottery separately and there were only 4 spots for 2nd grade for Gavin. So, we decided we had to really look into it more instead of dismissing it so readily.

 As we continued to do the research we continued to very impressed with the academics and the programs at this new school. They have math and science every day. They have chess, art, and sports every week. Plus, we really liked the changes they were making to the education system. We suddenly were seriously considering it. Our biggest hold up were the hours. 7:45am-4:00 (4:30 for 2nd). CRAZY! I never would have considered that. Also, it is a pretty strict school. But, the academics, teachers, school were that impressive that we were still considering that option. Plus, we had to leave our current school. I felt like I was betraying our local school. Also, Gavin had so many little friends and his best friend still at his other school. The current school was only 5 blocks away, but the new one would be 17 blocks away. Plus, we would have to give up Spanish. (Gavin, however, was happy to give up Spanish). Needless to say it was a very difficult decision.

 In the end, we decided to give it a try. So, we bought the uniform and they started in Mid-August.

 Eli started Kindergarten! He was so ready for it and he made the transition fairly easily. We are so proud of him. His teacher is Ms. Masyr and Ms. Bar-David.

 Gavin started 2nd grade. His teachers are Ms. Conner and Ms. Collins.  He also made the transition fairly easily. He still misses his friends and wishes they could "come to his new school." I think that is better than him saying he wishes he could go back to his school. They seem engaged in school and are learning so much. I am not going to lie and say that it is all great. The hours are taking their toll and we are still struggling to find the balance I think is important. But, I hope we can find that balance.

 I write this only 2 days have the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook. I have had a hard time thinking about it and imagining the horror that those children went through and the horror the parents are living through now. I am grateful for my boys and with squeeze them a little tighter before I send them off to school. I will try harder not be so frustrated with them in the morning as I send them on their way.