Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gavin's Polar Express Song

One night right before Christmas when Boyd was singing the boys to sleep, Gavin told Boyd he had a song he made up.  He told him it was to the tune of jingle bells, so Boyd accompanied him.

St. George

We went to St. George the day after Christmas to join the rest of my family who was already there.  They even waited to have Christmas dinner until we got there.  We had such a wonderful time. It was especially fun for the cousins.  Some of the highlights for me were the talent show and gift exchange, Grandma Call meeting Joshua, the New Years party the kids through, and Snow Canyon.  Oh and the fondue New Years party for the adults!  It really was just so special to spend a whole week with the family.  We also developed a great love for St. George.

Great Grandma Call and Joshua.  She was so happy to meet him.  Her joy was palpable. 


Some guitars from the gift exchange

Snow Canyon was absolutely beautiful.  We did some climbing and a little hiking

We went down into a cave.  It was pretty adventurous with 8 kids under 9. 

McDonalds with Dad's while the ladies went shopping
AT the park
We got to go to dinner with Julia and Nathan

We went to Snow Canyon again and spent some times in the Sand Dunes

Jereme fixed my flat tire in 2 minutes

Boyd, Anna Min, Jereme, and I went on a bike ride in the Canyon
The kids planned and threw us a New Years party.  It was really special.  They decorated and planned games.  We provided the treats

We had an adult fondue party!
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We spent Christmas Eve mostly at home.  We listened to Christmas music, we cooked, wrapped presents, decorated, and just enjoyed some quiet time together.  It was wonderful. 

WE attended the Live Nativity

We made and decorated Christmas cookies

We acted out the live nativity.  Eli was Joseph and I was Mary.  Joshua was baby Jesus.

Gavin was a wise man.

Christmas Morning

Gavin got a guitar and a Lego plane from Santa

Eli got a Bugatti and a lego train from Santa
Gavin playing his new guitar

Unfortunately we didn't get any more pictures from Christmas Day because it was a bit hectic.  We went to church, had a ward linger longer, and then went to our friends for an extremely delicious dinner.  I am sad I didn't get any pictures!

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