Sunday, January 15, 2012

An August for the recordbooks

August 2011 was one of the craziest months I have experience to date.  It all starting to be a blur in my imagination.  Gavin broke his arm, I had a baby, and we moved.  I will also mention there was hurricane and an earthquake here as well. 

We returned from our trip out west and were lucky enough to spend a few days with my dear dear friend Julia and her family.  We felt so lucky that they came to visit us. 

The next week we had to say good-bye to the Brashers

Then our dear friends, the Brunson's returned to the city and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them, well a little time before  
GAVIN BROKE HIS ARM and had to have surgery.  Gavin was as at Camel Park with the Brunson's, Eli, and Dad.  He fell off the monkey bars and started screaming.  Boyd didn't realize at first what ws going on.  But, as soon as he saw his arm he knew it was broken.  He jumped in a cab and went to the ER.  When I got home, Eli came up to me and told me not everyone came home and told me Gavin broke his arm. I am panicked and ran up to the ER.  Gavin was put on Morphine right away.  It was a compound fracture of his humerus bone.  It was going to require surgery.  But, it was a weekend and he had to wait until the next day to have surgery.  Boyd spent the night at the hospital with Gavin since I was 9 months pregnant.  Boyd said it was a horrible night and it was horrible to watch Gavin in so much pain.  He had surgery the next day.  Boyd was able to be with him while he was "put under".  He had to leave after that.  Both Boyd and I waited for the surgery to be done.  Waiting for him to wake up was such a scary time for us. 

Luckily we were able to be discharged that night.  Gavin was very concerned about spending time with Jane. 

It was adjustment for all of us. Gavin had to get used to using one arm.  He could also not got to the park, playground, go swimming, or  ride his scooter!

Luckily Grandma and Grandpa arrived about a week later.
Joshua was born a week and a half after Gavin broke his arm.  I did write a nice long post of that back when it happened! 

A week after Joshua was born we finally moved into our new apartment.  We had been waiting for a year and unfortunatly it had to be a week after Joshua was born.  We couldn't have done it with out my parents.

I failed to mentioned that there was also an Earthquake and a hurricane in New York in August.  Both of are extremely rare in New York.  Both were mild, I must note.  

Since I am writing this post almost 5 months later, I can say that we have officially recovered.  Gavin's arm is completely healed and is back on the monkey bars.  Joshua is an adorable 5 month old who just rolled over this weekend and our apartment is spacious and light filled.  Eli, you ask? Hopefully, he as recovered for the lack of attention he received that month.

We also couldn't have done without all our dear friends who helped by sending meals, babysitting, and just being there to support.

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