Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! The day before Christmas Eve I was not feeling the Christmas spirit. Luckily, Christmas Eve morning I woke up feeling excited. I even kept that mood after I went to Fairway (a fabulous grocery store, but can also get extremely crowded and Christmas Eve morning was the worst I had seen it). I came home and made a brunch with Cranberry Cream French toast being the star of the menu. We watched Christmas movies with the kids. Gavin was very disturbed by "The Muppet's Christmas Carol." He kept asking when it was going to be like it was at the beginning (happy.) We had to turn it off to eat and he started balling. He said, "when is Scrooge going to be nice and when is everyone going to be happy." He was very sad all through breakfast and said he wouldn't be OK until everything was happy on the movie. I guess that movie was a bit much for my sensitive and loving boy.

That afternoon we went a live Nativity at the Church of Heavenly Rest. It was such a neat experience and it really brought the real meaning of Christmas back. The kids loved the live animals too. Gavin was very concerned about seeing baby Jesus the whole time and asked about 100 questions during the performance. As a side note we sat behind Tom Brokaw and Eli kicked him a couple of times. Sorry Tom.

That evening we went to some friends for soup and treats and carolling. I have to say our pianist rocked and therefore carolling was a rocking good time!

We came home and had a Christmas Eve family night where we talked about why we celebrate Christmas and told the story of Jesus. The boys then got to open one present. We are starting to give Christmas books for that gift they open.Boyd and I stayed up way too late playing Santa's helper and making my triple peppermint trifle. Boyd requested that I make it again.

Christmas morning was glorious for all involved and the boys were so excited for the gifts. It took forever to open them all because the kids played with their toys in between.

We had monkey bread and yogurt for breakfast!

I spent the rest of the day cooking and sleeping. They boys played and slept and ate, and played some more. We were also able to skype with Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Miggy and the gang! We even had a conference call with my siblings!

That night we went to our friends' home and celebrated together with a large feast! We had such a wonderful dinner. It was a great end to a wonderful Christmas!


Mackenzie said...

What a great post. Merry Christmas. Will you send me that group picture from Lynda's?

Monica Rich said...

It looks like you had a very full, very fun Christmas. I'm glad we both snapped out of our pre-Christmas funk :)

Jami Taylor said...

Em: Did Boyd write a Christmas poem this year?