Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Rockin' Thanksgiving

The children are not in the picture, but the evidence of their presence at Thanksgiving is in the picture. ( as Loren pointed out)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Denver. It was the first time Boyd's family has all been together in a long time. It was a great trip from start to finish. We didn't have a single delay on any of our flights. We didn't get sick or get anyone else sick. We stayed with Boyd's brother and his family an had a great time. The cousins bonded. Boyd's sister and family were back from England and so we got to see them before they headed for their new home in West Virginia.

Thanksgiving dinner was absolutely amazing. We ate and ate all day long. We played lots of games. A new discovery for us this Thanksgiving was Rock Band. We had a blast playing with everyone. I don't normally care for video games, but this game is fun.

We already miss everyone. It really was a memorable Thanksgiving!
Lots of boys!

these 2 together equal trouble

The girls rocking out

Seth, Tom, and Mollie enjoying the amazing feast

Grandma Miggy!

The England crowd returns!

The Turkey was that good!


Mackenzie said...

you guys had a great time! i love the picture of you guys playing rockband and the pic of the kids using boyd as a jungle gym!

Monica Rich said...

You're just discovering the joys of rockband?!? I thought Boyd would have been all over that years ago! It is an extended Merced-family tradition at Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Looks like you had a great time!

David and Jana said...

Looks like so much fun. Rock band is great! I'm so glad you had such a good trip and no problems! Those will be awesome memories!

New York Nelsons said...

I know, I know.. We have been really behind with the Rock Band thing!

Sam said...

Wow, Boyd! You've got skills. You're not the last to play rock band. Sam nor I have and to top it off Sam has never played on a Wii and I only played once at Toys R Us. I just figured out why you like keeping us as friends-- you always have someone you're cooler than.