Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gratitude Sunday

I am thankful for

1) The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Today at church we had a "Come and See." It was a special sacrament meeting where we were encouraged to invite others to "come and see" what we are all about. There are still so many misconceptions about the church and I think that it was a great opportunity for people to see our service. I take for granted the joy that the gospel brings into my life.

2) Games. I love to play games. I always have. I love to win even more. We were able to play games with friends this weekend on a date night anddI won the game (Ticket to Ride, European edition) Gavin has been really enjoying the game "Go Fish" lately. It has been nice to play it with him.

3) music. Today at church, the music was beautiful. Our organist is incredible and he makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs. He has brought me to tears several times. We also had some great musical numbers today.

4) Great reality TV. I know, pathetic. But, I love my reality cooking shows. Top Chef is my favorite, but The Next Iron Chef is pretty good too. Maybe I will become a chef some day.

5)My friends. Past and present friends. They play such an important role in my life right now. I am grateful for their examples, their support, their humor, their friendship.


Melanie said...


And I wanted to reply to your comment that I remember that 12th bday party of Jana's so well, and I loved you guys so much. I was always sooooo happy for Jana that she had such amazing friends, but especially you. You're so awesome.

rebecca said...

So glad I got to see you this weekend, even though it was brief. And thanks for hauling all the way down to Times Square to help us get Wicked tickets. I am grateful for friends like you! Have a wonderful week and maybe we'll see you in December! (I mentioned it to Matt last night and he's game). You're amazing!

Lindsay said...

Emily, your pictures are amazing! You guys all look so gorgeous and happy. I love Eli's hair and Gavin throwing the leaves. Beautiful pictures!