Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Go Yankees

As the Yankee's are poised to win the World Series tonight, I decided I better post a blog about our visit to the new Yankee Stadium before baseball is old news.

About a month or so ago some great friends were given 4 tickets to a Yankees Game and so they invited us to go along.

We arrived at the new Yankee Stadium and attempted to find our seats. We are used to going to the very top to the cheap seats so we were confused when it appeared we didn't have to make our way to the very top. It appeared that we were supposed to go to something called the Delta Suite, but we thought that there had to be some confusion and apparently the guy taking the tickets thought we didn't look the type, so he told us to go upstairs. It turns out, our seats were in the Delta Suite. One of the workers there, informed us we were in for treat. He excitedly informed us "that there are really nice bathrooms!" He was right. It was a real treat. We were directly behind home plate on the second level. We had waiters that served us personally, nice seats, a deck with tables and chairs and nice bathrooms.

The best part of the night was that because we were behind home plate, there were several foul balls that came our way and that added to the excitement. We hoped for a chance to catch the ball and Boyd got the chance!

It was even an exciting ending with the Yankees winning in the bottom of the 9th.

The weather was perfect, the game was exciting, but the company was even better. The Nixons made the night so much fun. Thanks for the free tickets and for allowing to spend the evening with you! It was exciting to go in the inaugural season of the new stadium and possibly in the year they win the World Series! Go Yankees!


Lorenzo the Great said...

It's sounds like it couldn't get any better! Well, unless it was a Red Sox game, of course.

Christina said...

SO FUN! And of course, they did win, so that makes me cooler just by knowing you!