Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Gavin as a SCARY Bear and Eli as Elmo.

Can I just say that I actually made Gavin's costume this year? Gavin and his buddy Lucas wanted to be bears so Mackenzie found a do-it-yourself kit on So, it was semi-homemade. I was very proud. :) Eli was Elmo and it was a hit. Everyone loves that costume. It almost always brought a smile to someones face and random people would yell, "ELMO!".
Especially, when Elmo rides his scooter.

Can you believe that is a 2 year old riding that scooter?

Our festivities started last week at the ward Halloween activity which was fun for everyone! T

Then Gavin had a Halloween Party at school (Healthy snacks only. HA!)

Today, we carved pumpkins for the first time as a family. I even roasted the seeds.

Then tonight we went down to 69th St. where they close 3 blocks down and all the apartment buildings and brownstones decorate for Halloween and where there is trick-or-treats. We met up with Isaac the Lion and Brandon (I mean Max!).

Then we headed up to Lucas and Mackenzie's apartment building for more trick-or-treating!

What a fun, sugar filled day!


Mackenzie said...

Happy Halloween! Great to see you guys.

Heidi said...

So fun to party with you and your boys!

Tisha said...

eli on that scooter is amazing! serious wow! he's fast! what a fun halloween- way to go making gavin's costume- I'm totally impressed! happy halloween!

Monica Rich said...

I cannot get over Eli on that scooter! So coordinated! Miles' birthday is next week and I'm now convinced: he will be getting a scooter.

Liz Green said...

What fun pictures. I'm amazed at how fast Eli is on his Scooter.

Janell said...

so cute! i love the costumes. the bear is awesome. doesn't all that hard work pay off on halloween night when they wear those cute costumes and think you're the most amazing person in the world because you could make just what they wanted? i love it!

Christina said...

Cute, cute and WAY TO GO MOM!