Monday, October 5, 2009

Eli - not so terrible two?

A blog post from Boyd:

It has been fun watching our little Eli achieve his two year birthday. He has come along way! He still doesn't talk much, but I suspect he knows more than he lets on. He and Gavin probably have intellectual conversations after we turn out the lights at bedtime. When he grins, Eli has that little mischievous twinkle in his eye that says he has just hatched his next scheme. Even though he doesn't speak much, he has his phrases: "Me too" or "I do" or "I want this" whenever Gavin has something he wants. But mostly it's just a pointing finger, a jumbled indiscernible phrase, and a definitive "yes" with a nod of his head after we've recited the correct interpretation of his request.

He loves food. He has a healthy appetite and will usually eat a second full dinner when Daddy comes home from work. Mommy swears that she fed him, but you wouldn't know it the way he plops himself down in daddy's lap to divert bites on their way to daddy's mouth. He can eat fruit - apples, berries and watermelon - nonstop. He can fish a snack out of nowhere and will make you sorry if you refuse to open the packaging for him.

He is physically gifted. Since he could walk, he was the fastest and most fearless roadrunner in central park. Keep an eye out because without warning he will take off running through the trees. He may hold the record for laps around the apartment in a single day. He already rides Gavin's scooter very well and is no longer content to sit in a stroller or carrier out on the town.

For much of his life he has seldom reciprocated our affection. Not that he didn't care or love - he just was too interested in making his way around the next bend. Sure, he gives precious kisses all around as part of the bedtime routine (and will almost plow you over with a hug when you walk through the front door). But spontaneous, self initiated gestures of affection? Don't hold your breath.

But Eli aged two seems to have paused to notice the rest of us. In recent weeks Emily has receive several unexpected, heart-melting hugs. This morning, first thing after climbing out of his crib (another new trick), Eli crawled into bed to give daddy a tight embrace, tenderly resting his head on daddy's chest. 20 minutes later he returned to give dad a bowl and fork to use for breakfast (hint hint). He seems concerned that we all have what we need when we need it, whether a shoe, a cup, a grape or a hug.

Now if we can just lose the pacifier.


Mackenzie said...

Awww, we love Eli!

Pomona Noltes said...

he's so dang cute! look at his long hair! it was fun to get to know him in this post. glad you guys are doing well.

rach said...

How stinking cute

Lindsay said...

So cute! That was a good post, Boyd!