Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowed in

Can you find our Van?

Last Thursday Gavin, Eli, and Eli all traveled to Long Island to spend the weekend at the Rich's home. In return for watching our kids while Boyd and I escaped to Block Island in October, we were coming out to watch their 3 kids and their 7 chickens (I was a bit more nervous about the chickens) while they came into the city to stay at our place for a weekend escape. The boys and I came out early so that Monica and I could make our peppermint bark and Christmas candy that we make every year. We spent a good portion of the day in the kitchen. However, we didn't get to our peppermint bark because Monica had a little tripping incident and ended up in the ER (thank goodness she didn't break anything.) It all happened right before bed time. I attempted to put all of the kids down that night and it was quite comical. The kids played musical beds. I couldn't find sheets for a couple of the beds. Miles (monica's youngest) would let me come near him. They were all a bit excited and were bouncing of the walls! Luckily, after about an hour and multiple bed changes, the kids were settled!

Mon and Adam left the next day for the city. Boyd joined me that night. We definitely had some crazy moments with all 5 of the kids, but for the most part it went pretty smoothly. I am not ready to have 5 kids however. We even decorated cookies with all of the kids. The biggest excitement of the weekend was the SNOW.

Monica and Adam made it back late Saturday night after trekking home in a blizzard. Picture taken (by Monica) around midnight before the bulk of the storm hit

By the time Sunday morning rolled around there was about 24-27 inches of snow. (It seemed more like 20 inches to me, but according to the news the town we were in received the highest totals at 27 inches.

Boyd was supposed to be back for a talk, but as you can see from above (first picture) our car was completely buried!

and the snow was still falling Sunday morning. The trains were all delayed, so he had to let them know he wasn't going to make it. Their church was cancelled, so we spent the day there! Boyd and Adam spent the day shoveling

Monica and I spent the day making peppermint bark and chocolate covered Joe joes. The kids spent the day playing in the snow.
We even lucked out and saw the Santa Engine pass through the neighborhood!

Santa Visit from Monica Rich on Vimeo.

We had a fun time playing games that night!
It was a great place to be snowed in. I hope they didn't mind too much!


Tisha said...

wow! look at all that snow! what a fun way to be snowed in! making treats with friends! what a fun weekend!

Jill said...

I really miss the snow. What a great weekend!