Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leading up to..

We have been getting ready for Christmas all month long. Here is a photo journal of those celebrations:
Starting with our Christmas Tree and decorating

Then it was off to Macy's to see Santa

Here is Gavin's List he made for Santa

Next is our annual trip to the Botanical Gardens Train show
Our second trip and newest tradition is Caroling at the Brick Church and Park Ave tree lighting.. These were the kids in front of the Church

Train show at Grand CentralThe kids preferred the real trains

The Ward Christmas Party.. Eli was so excited to sit on Santa's lap!

Christmas Party and Triple Chocolate Peppermint Trifle

Ginger bread houses at the Parker Meridian

The Burger Joint after the Gingerbread housesRockefeller Tree

I wish I could have taken pictures and video from our Ward and Stake Christmas Programs. They were amazing. I am going to save my final weekend prior to Christmas adventures for my next post..


Mackenzie said...

what a great post! merry christmas!

Heidi said...

Love the pictures!! What a fun time you guys are having (I'm living through your outdoor activities!) :) Hope your holidays are wonderful.

Lindsay said...

I am so fascinated by your New York life! So much awesome stuff to do! Also, Gavin's Christmas list was great-- I am amazed that he can write so well.