Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Has anyone seen my wallet? It is gone. Yesterday, when walking to Gavin's school for a teacher meeting, I lost it. I think it fell out of my stroller, or blew away. I was caught in a huge storm, the rain was pounding down on me, and the wind was blowing hard and it nearly knocked me down. All I know is I pulled out a snack for Eli at some point along my journey and the bag has not been seen since. I am still holding onto hope that someone will mail it to me. It is possible, right? I hope the $100 is helping someone in need.


Hemingways said...

So sorry! There is hope...when in New York, I lost my wallet. Though I never got my credit card back someone mailed my drivers license back and someone else contacted the bank who contacted me and I was able to pick up my debit card from this nice gentlemen. So you never know... I hope it is helping someone in need too:)

Melanie said...

I have it.

That storm was a doozy!!!

Sorry - Probably won't be funny until it's returned, huh? Good luck! My heart goes out to you.

Tara said...

I hate that feeling! I really hope you get it back. There is a chance....a very small one, but there's still some chance!

Christina said...

That's the worse! Rained on AND lost your wallet. Here's hoping it makes it back to you soon.