Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not as bad as you would think

We have been in need of a new computer for a while. But, we have been putting it off because we weren't sure what what to replace it with. Boyd was going back and forth between a pre-built HP and just putting one together himself. I have to say that I was hesitant when Boyd suggested the latter. I had visions of parts all over our apartment for months and all kinds of troubleshooting. Needless to say, Boyd decided he wanted to put together his own system. He hinted that I needed to be part of the process, so I can know what to do in case he got hit by a bus. So, last Friday we received all the parts and our date night was putting it all together.

Here are pictures of the tower before we started

Proof that I helped.

My hero
Finished product (well, before we put the cover back on)
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Can you believe the computer started up perfectly on the first attempt?

The whole process wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. It was even kinda romantic, in a way.


Melanie said...

If you can find the romance in something so... what's the word... then you've got it made!! Way to go! I love it.

Jill said...

this is so great! Paul actually just did the same thing a few weeks ago. He had so much fun finding all the parts and was so excited to put it all together. And I must say, it works great and it was less expensive, also!

David and Jana said...

nothing like a good computer project to get the fireworks going! :)

Lindsay said...

Awesome! That looks like a dream project for Luke...all those different colored wires and stuff. Who knew that you could just build your own computer? Impressive!

Lynda said...

i've been meaning to find out how it went...that's pretty cool.

Tisha said...

wow! I'm impressed! that's awesome! way to go guys! I'm sure you'll appreciate it that much more after doing it yourself :)

Christina said...

You guys are cool! I put one together once myself, too, but it has been so long that that wouldn't want to attempt it again.