Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The water is perfect!

It was 97 degrees today on the thermometer, but it felt like about 120 degrees to me. It is June 10th. It isn't supposed to be this hot and humid! It makes me nervous for the summer yet to come. I am trying not to psych myself out, because then I will never get out and do anything and then we really will be miserable!
So, a little less than a week ago we went to the most beautiful beach I have been to here in New York. Who would have thought it would be in Queens? There is this place called Ft. Tilden that Monica heard about through her neighbor. She had explained that it was a beautiful beach that not very many people visit. WHAT? A New York beach that is not full of thousands of New Yorkers? It was pretty hard to believe until we saw it. It was so amazing. It turns out that you have to have a permit to go to this beach, but not until after June 15Th! So, we can enjoy this beach all we want until that day. We had a wonderful day! Gavin wanted to spend most of the day with his feet in the water with the waves crashing against him. He was still too nervous to go by himself and insisted on holding my hand. When I got tired of doing it, he enlisted his little friend Grace. They would run up to the water holding hands and then run away screaming! It was really quite cute. Eli even managed to stay out of too much trouble. (I think it helped that he slept for a good part of the day!).
One of my favorite quotes of the day is when Gavin, Monica, and I were all walking towards the water. Monica says that she wants to get in the water and Gavin looks back at her and says "come on in, the water is perfect." It was so cute and the excitement was obvious. I will add that the water was so cold. My feet and legs were numb after about a minute and they never warmed up!
I would have given anything to jump in that "perfect" water today!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! We had a hot one here today too - and I was thinking about the beach. Of course, I'm sure I still would have complained about the water being too cold, regardless of whether I was at a NY beach or a Jersey shore. =)

rach said...

nice, the beach is awesome! That is great you discovered an 'untapped' resource (until June 15th). We always go to the beach in Oregon, the water is of course freezing so my kids only know cold water when it comes to the ocean. And we will share our freezing weather here--Jorden's t-ball game was quite chilly, it is June for heaven's sakes, not late February!