Friday, June 6, 2008

Daddy Dearest

Eli is now nearly 9 months old and is now a bit more attached to his mommy. But, this week we learned he also has a bit of an attachment to his daddy. Boyd was extremely busy with work this week and the boys didn't see him for a good 3 days. On Wednesday night he came home and the boys finally got to see him. Gavin, of course, was bouncing off the walls with excitement, but it was Eli's reaction that caught us by surprise.

Boyd picked up Eli to give him a big hug and Eli smiled and cooed back. Then Boyd put Eli down and went out of the room to change his clothes. Eli began to crawl after him down the hallway, crying the whole way until Boyd came back and picked him up. Eli held on tightly to his daddy. It was really sweet. I know Boyd was very touched to see that his little boy had truely missed him.

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rach said...

That is so sweet, these little boys sure do have heros for fathers.