Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Gavin turned 3 this weekend! About a month ago a friend of Gavin's had a birthday party. He loved the party, but had a difficult time watching her open her presents. He wanted them. The only thing that consoled him was the knowledge that his birthday was soon and he would get to open presents at his party. He learned the date of his exact birthday and he anxiously awaited.

I attempted to stick with a theme, but kinda floated between 2.. "Fun in the Sun" and "Under the Sea". Hey, it's a 3 year old party, hopefully they didn't notice the confusion of themes.

We loaded up our bike trailer full of stuff and Boyd pulled that with Gavin in the child seat on the bike down to Crab Apple Grove. I sent him early, with the hopes that he would secure the only 2 picnic tables in the area. Our first big kink. The tables were gone. Luckily, Boyd found a table at Hippo park and with the permission of the cleaning lady, he lugged the table over to our party. I arrived shortly thereafter with a stroller full of stuff and Eli as well.

I think the party was a success. We had a fun time and I think the kids did too. We played with bubbles, went fishing for prizes, and played with water balloons. Most of the balloons were popped within 1 minute, but Gavin held onto his for the rest of the party.
Here is a slide show of the party!

Despite some major problems with the cake we were able to salvage it for the most part! He finally got to blow out the candles on his cake!
We are so happy our little Gavin joined us 3 years ago. He is our little monkey who keeps us laughing. He is so smart. He is a sweetheart. We love you, Gavin!


Emily said...

that's a great cake--i love momma-made inventions!

breckster said...

It was a lovely party, you amazed me! (And R had a huge amount of fun, and is still talking about it.)

Nelly32 said...

Looks like it was fun! Happy birthday Gavin! Wish we could have been there.
Joel & Coryn

Sam said...

I didn't realize till I just watched the video that Jane was "helping" Gavin blow his candles out. Luckily she didn't have enough air in her to do any damage.