Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swirly Goodness

Last night I had the most delicious, guilt free dessert...PINKBERRY... I have heard about it for months, but I never got around to trying it, until last night. I wanted to try it so badly that I was willing to stand in a 20 minute line, which for me is beyond reasonable. IT WAS SO WORTH IT! It is apparently frozen yogurt, but I had a hard time believing it. The best part is it is only 70 calories. But, I would eat it even if I wasn't counting calories.

Try it


Ryan said...

I love Pinkberry and wish we had it in Raleigh. I used to go all the time in LA. Fun to see its spreading. I love the tart yogurt and love the toppings...pomigranite, captain cruch, boysenberries, and chocolate chips are my favorite.

I try to recreate it by buying frozen yogurt at the store and the toppings for now..

Julia said...

Em, I love Pinkberry too! We recently had a family reunion in LA and my bro introduced it to us!! Wow!!! It IS amazing!!

julia said...

By the way...my favorite topping combo is raspberry and granolla

Anna Min said...

I've never even heard of it...I'll have to keep my eye out for one when I go through some big cities...:)
Sounds yummy and guiltless...but also time consuming:)

rach said...

mmmmm, swirly goodness...I want some!

tishacalhoun said...

this was definitely a hit in L.A- they just put one in Pasadena a couple miles from us right before we moved!- I too, wish we had it in Raleigh :)