Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Bye to Spring

Alas, the time has come to bid farewell to spring. I know that it isn't officially the end of spring and start of summer, but in our lives it is over. The NY humidity is creeping back into the air, the air conditioners are dripping on the passerby's, the kids are running through sprinklers in the playgrounds, and I am hot.
Spring here in New York is marvelous and it is what gets us through the winter. We seem to forget that we were pretty miserable bundling up our children in a zillion layers, walking through freezing weather, only to unbundle them for the short subway ride, and then do it it all again. We forget how creative we have to be creative finding a way to keep our kids from bouncing off the walls of our small apartment because there are few places for the kids to run around when it is is 20 degrees (but feels more like 8.) We arrive at spring and we forget how difficult the city can be. It is so wonderful and it makes it all worth it when I start seeing the first blossoms on the trees. No, the city isn't the most beautiful place in the world, but there is so much to offer and when it spring we remember why we love this city so much.
So, farewell to spring and here our some of our fondest memories of this NY spring.
Easter used to be the first sign of spring. This year it came very early and was quite cold, but I still feel it was the day that mentally transitioned me from winter to summer!
My sister Anna Min and her oldest daughter came to visit us in April and was a highlight of our spring. Here is Alyvia and Gavin at the Central Park Petting Zoo.

Boyd's birthday is usually when we really feel like spring is here!
The New York Aquarium Jellyfish
The Sea Lion I kissed
Coney Island Beach after the Aquarium
My most favorite trip each spring is to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They have the most beautiful display of cherry blossoms. We usually make 2 or 3 trips at the end of April. We did the first trip this year with friends and as you can see the blossoms were just beginning..
Here are the blossoms a week later when we took Boyd.
A walk in the most beautiful cemetery in Queens
We had a great time at the Bronx Zoo this past week because we saw things we don't normally see!
Spring will always be my favorite time of year in New York.


Ryan said...

Humidity starting down here in NC too. I never went to the botanical gardens fun you got to go with Mon.

rach said...

Wow, I want to go!!! Spring is the best time of year, you get rid of winter's gloom and you remember how beautiful life is and can be :)
Those pictures are beautiful!
We need to come out there to visit you sometime!