Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Near Perfect Weekend

This past Memorial weekend was spectacular. You couldn't ask for better weather and we got to spend the weekend together as a family. Here are our highlights.
We took family pictures on Saturday morning, which was a lot of fun since we took them in Central Park. Our photographer likes to capture the "story" of the family, so that is what she did on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, part of that story was that the kids didn't want to have their pictures taken after the first few! Click on the link to see a few highlights from that session..
OUR INAUGURAL FAMILY BIKE RIDE: Boyd bought a bike last year for Gavin's birthday. He put a child seat on the back and he and Gavin have shared many amazing bike trips together. Me, never.. It was fine last year because I was pregnant, but this year I started to feel a little jealous, so I finally got a bike. So, that just left Eli. Luckily one of Boyd's coworkers gave him a bike trailer for 2. So, Saturday we took our first trip and it was amazing. I loved it. We loved it.. We took another ride on Monday!

Yes I made the boys wear helmets!

BOYD PLAYED FOOTBALL.. He managed not to get too hurt, but he is extremely sore! I rarely see him play sports, so it was fun.
TWO SHARED MEALS WITH MON, ADAM , AND KIDS.. Our good friends are moving, but luckily they are only going to be 1 1/2 hours a way, but it is still sad to see them move a little further away. We are glad we were able to eat good food, play games, and enjoy fun times with them 2x this weekend. Hey, we had to make up for lost time.. We realized that there are 9 of us total when we were all together and how amazing that just 10 years ago it was just Mon and I hanging out in Paris! (wish I took some pics!)

PICNIC IN THE PARK WITH FRIENDS: A 5:00 picnic in Central Park on Memorial Day was the best way to end the weekend.
Eli's buds, Brandon and Jack


Jill said...

Great pictures! It was a beautiful weekend! We actually ended up coming into the city last minute--next time we do that we'd love to get together with you guys. The bikes look like fun too--what a great way to get out and enjoy the weather.

rach said...

Great weekend, bike rides are the best...glad you had fun with friends and your cute family!

Jefferson said...

em, you are looking beautiful as always. your kids are adorable. we bought a bike trailer on monday, gave it a spin, and are looking forward to using it lots, especially if noah has anything to say about it.

tishacalhoun said...

so fun! we have been thinking about getting bikes, it looks like so much fun! is boyd videoing as he is riding his bike?! also, gavin is looking so grown up! I'm jealous for your potty training status- adley has absolutely no interest yet! and his joksterishness is great! have cute! we love and miss you guys!

Ryan said...

Great pictures and I like the use of video