Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Homecoming!

Boyd travels quite often. Most of the time is only for a day. This week he traveled for 3 days. He was down in beautiful Miami while we were here. yeah.. I wasn't so happy about it. I know he didn't get to enjoy the beach or anything, but I was still envious. To make matters worse, Gavin got sick with the hand-foot-mouth virus (nasty virus that causes blisters on mouth/feet/hands). Poor Gav. To say the least it was a rough couple of days...

Needless to say when Boyd returned, there were all smiles from the boys..

They love their dad. I love their dad. And dad did not disappoint. As a consolation prize to actually making the trip down to Miami and playing on the beach for 3 days, he brought the boys back some jelly beans. Gavin didn't even know what he missed. I, however, am still pouting. :)

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BenKels&kiddos said...

Your boys are adorable! That is not fun at all having a sick child--especially when daddy is gone. I feel for you.

We've been so busy trying to get our house ready to sell and getting ready for Brazil I haven't blogged anything for at least a month or two. It was great seeing yours!