Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye Bye Book Buddies

Last Wednesday Gavin had his final "Book Buddies" class. Book Buddies is a class/workshop/preschool type thing he had once a week. It was his favorite day of the week. Boyd dropped him off in the morning and I picked up up right before lunch.

Here he is with the backpack he chose.. All set to go..

Time to jump in the stroller!

Here is a description of what he had to look forward to each week:
"Your little one will learn to love literature as we explore various themes of friendship, seasons, family, nutrition and others through stories and exploratory play. Stories will come alive through puppets, story scenes, and interactive play. Each week we will discover a new story through sensory centers, and with the hands on activities and play we will connect math, science, art and physical movement with literature. While your child is having fun, your child's thinking and observation skills, gross and fine motor skills, listening and language skills as well as social skills will develop and grow! Of course, the class wouldn't be complete without a special snack inspired by the story that week! "

So great, right? We have felt so lucky that Amy (his teacher and a friend from church, who is extremely talented with children) was willing to do this and at such an affordable rate. In Manhattan, classes like that go for 6 or 7x what she charged! So, Thanks Amy! Gavin sure adores her.

He loves his friends from Book Buddies!

Audrey, Jack, Jane, Sarah, Madeline, and Gavin

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citymama1 said...

So cute! It was fun to see pictures of all the kids I taught in nursery. They're so big! We do miss our New York friends. :)