Monday, May 21, 2012

Final assignment

Our final photography class/assignment was an actual "photo shoot." Lesley, our fearless leader and teacher arranged to have some willing "models" for our photo shoot.  I found it quite difficult to tell them where to stand, how to have them perfect and natural all at the same time, and just capture great shots, particularly the artistic ones.   I took hundreds of pictures and I got about 15 that I felt were good enough to post on the blog.  But, I learned a lot from the shoot.  I also have to add that it was probably hilarious to watch our group.  There were about 13 of us and our cameras chasing after these models and each other.  


mysomedaylist said...

Em, You did fabulous! I envy your new camera and your photo taking abilities. Someday, I hope that's me.! Keep it up and keep sharing!


ПриватБанк said...

Хорошие фото