Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh Eli!

I love my Eli. He has quite the personality. It is hard to believe he turns 5 in a few months and will start kindergarten. In many ways I feel like he is already 5 because he acts so much older. HE is always trying to do what his brother is doing. I struggle to know how to parent this little guy.  He can be so stubborn and he has a bit of a temper.  But, he is also so sweet and loving and is real helper when he wants to be.  I love him so much. 
He has had a busy few months. He had his first trip to get stitches.
He actually had 2 accidents within in two days.  The first occurred on his way to a preschool fieldtrip.  He fell and hit his head on a door hinge.  I couldn't decide if I should take him for stiches as it was a very small split.  But, after confirming with a few friends and Ms. Amy we decided to not go.  The next day at Gavin's dual language Cinco De Mayo celebration Eli fell while playing soccer and hit a bench.  There was no question that he needed stitches this time.  It was a stressful situation.  Eli was bleeding every where.  It was time for the kids to head back to the school or stay with parents. We were supposed to pick up another boy from the school for a playdate.  I had all 3 kids.  Luckily, I had a friend who stepped in and helped.

Thanks to a tip from Rebecca we went to straight to a plastic surgeons office and avoided the ER.  He received 4 stitches inside and 7 on the outside.  He was very brave during it all and even started singing along to twinkle twinkle during his "surgery" as they called it.  We were in and out in 1-1.5 hours.  This picture makes it seem like he was beat up.  :(  
Eli also learned to ride a bike back in April.  We went to visit Monica and the kids on long island.  They brought there bikes.  Eli was on it and doing pretty well, so I decided to see if he could do it right then and there.  Sure enough, he was ready and within a few minutes he was off.  I have a video somewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it.  I only had my iphone, so the pictures are not great!

Eli also finished up Book Buddies.

The class put on a little play and Eli was a frog. He did a great job. They also performed a few songs for us.  It was a magical year to say the least.  Eli absolutely loved Book Buddies.  Nearly every day he would ask if it was a "Book Buddy Day" and then we would count down the days.  Ms. Amy is incredible and we feel so lucky to have had her as a teacher for two years. We are sad that his little friends will not be together in school next year. 
Eli and Brandon took soccer again! Eli really loves soccer and is quite good at it. He is a little too competitive and aggressive, but I guess those are qualities that will take him far in sports!

Eli is creative.  He created this boat and wanted to see if it would float.  He was very proud

He made this church for his bear. 

Eli still loves to help me in the kitchen

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