Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boston-Day 2

We really enjoyed our trip to Boston. We decided to hit up a few of the tourist sites during this Boston trip. Eli coincidentally read Make Way for Ducklings the day we left for Boston. So, we had to stop in the Public Gardens to see the duckling statues.
I really loved the Public Gardens and I loved these beautiful, unique flowers juxtaposed with the city and statue.

Of course a highlight for the boys was a trip to Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox Games. Gavin agreed to be a Red Sox fan for the night. He was a die hard fan for the night and was even very upset when they lost the game. (He cried for an hour).
Swimming was also a highlight


Lesley said...

Fabulous pics. I've only been to Boston once, and these make me want to go again!

Erica said...

These pictures remind me of our fun trip, but also break my heart when I remember we don't live there anymore. Go Sox!