Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Break

Sherilyn stayed through the week after Easter. It was her spring break. It was also Gavin and Eli's spring break. So, we were able to play and go on a few adventures!
Central Park Conservatory. It was a sunny day, but very windy!
We stopped at the Harlem Meer on the way home
At Gavin's school Auction we bought a back stage tour of the Metropolitan Opera because we knew Sherilyn would LOVE it!  We kept it as a surprise and she did LOVE it.  The person who gave the tour designs the sets, so it was a tour from his perspective.  We got to see most departments, such as sets, costumes, hair/makeup, dressing rooms, back stage.  We were back stage while they were in rehearsal.  It was pretty cool.  The picture above is where they make costumes.
Crayola Factory in Pennsylvania
Our first trip to the beach of the season.  We really were riding our bikes at the state park out on Long Island.  We met up with Monica and her kids. 
It was great to get out and ride around.
Eli learned to ride a bike while we were there (more on that later)
We ate at Grimaldi's and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
We went the NY Auto Show
The boys got to see their favorite car, the Bugatti

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