Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy half birthday Joshua!

Joshua turned 6 months this week.  He is such a special little boy.  I can hardly express the joy he brings me ( and the whole family).  He is so quick to smile.  Sometimes, I can feel him watching me, just waiting for me to turn and look at him.  As, soon as I do, he gives me a great big grin. He will smile at almost anyone and he wins complete strangers over in a matter of seconds. 

He doesn't laugh readily, but he squeals with excitement.   If anyone can make him laugh though, it his two older brothers.  One day he just busted out laughing when the boys were dancing.  He loves his brothers and his brothers absolutely adore him.  It is fun to watch the interactions they have. 

He so easy going.  His favorite past time is pictured above.  He loves the Johnny Jump-up.  Which is a really good thing since he is the 3rd child and there are lots of things to get done.  :)  He will start "talking" (cooing) back to you if start talking with him.

He isn't in a hurry to meet his milestones. But, that's ok with us.  He finally started rolling over about one month ago from back to front.  He still hasn't rolled from front to back.  He really hates being on his stomach, so tummy time has been a struggle. Though, Gavin loves to do tummy time with him, so we have been doing it more. 

He cut his first tooth about a week ago. It is his bottom front tooth.  He is not quite sitting up.  He will start solids after we get back from our trip and I think is really going to enjoy that.

He has started sleeping in with his older brothers.  It works fairly well, though there are times where they wake each other up.

He goes in another week and half for his check-up, so we will get his weight and height.  I am guessing he is close to 18 lbs because he was 16 lbs at his 4 month.  He is a pretty solid little guy.

He still doesn't have much hair, but I love his beautiful bald head.

I really can't imagine my life without this little guy and we are looking forward to all the exciting things he is going to start doing in the next few months..


Liz Green said...

I'm impressed you have all 3 boys sleeping in the same room. Some day I'll have the guts to do that, but I'm just not ready to have them waking each other up.

Mackenzie said...

Those pics are awesome! I loved that update. You guys look so happy in those pictures. Ahhh, a vacation is so nice. Glad you got a great one, you deserve it! xoxo