Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cayman Islands

This face says it all..

We had a blast.

We pretty much spent our time going between eating, beach, and pool.

The beach was perfect.
Joshua is happy here and he would be happy for a bit in the water, but for the most part he was not too happy with the water temp or the bright sun. :)

We got to watch the sunset almost every night.
Grandma Miggy was able to join us for this trip!  Hooray!  We sure loved our breakfasts at the hotel.

We went on one excursion while we were there.  We sailed on a large catamaran.
to Stingray City.  It is a large sandbar in the ocean that is home to more than two dozen "tame" Atlantic Southern Stingray's that enjoy the company of humans. The Stingray's swim freely with humans in only three feet of water at the shallow Sandbar area.

  We got to get in the water with them and touch them.  The boys both did it it, but Eli got nervous after about 5 minutes.  It was a little freaky for me too.  Doesn't the water look like pool water?  Crazy.
ON the same excursion they took us to another stop to snorkel.  Gavin was a little nervous about doing it, because it was deep water, but he was very brave and decided to try.  He loved it and he had snorkel and flippers on pretty much for then on out, even in the pool.  The underwater life there was spectacular.   At the beach we were staying at there was pretty incredible snorkeling.  There was a reef not too far of the beach that you could swim to.  Boyd and Eli took a kayak and Gavin and I attempted to swim out there.  It was a bit much for Gavin, so luckily Boyd picked him up in the kayak.  We were swarmed by a large school of fish while we were out there.  It was pretty cool, but again, made me feel a little vulnerable. 

WE at a place called The Warf and it was delicious.

Every night after sunset we would have this beautiful view of the moon and 2 planets.  (Jupiter and Venus?) 
Of course, one of the best parts was catching up on our sleep.  We would go to bed shortly after the boys every night.
Here's gavin in his full Snorkel gear. 
This was our last night there and it was the memorable.  We stayed at the beach until it was almost dark.  The sunset was spectacular.  The water was perfect.  We just couldn't get enough. 


Monica Rich said...

SOOOO awesome! Totally jealous.

I'm telling Adam he has to reapply for that job...

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Beautiful boys (and mom), beautiful trip!! That water looks heavenly. Hope you're doing well!

Lesley said...

Looks absolutely amazing, and I love the photos! So beautiful! Now I want to go...

Jill said...

Beautiful photos! What a fun trip.

Lindsay said...

What an amazing vacation!! The water and sunsets-- beautiful! You should be proud of your adventurous little snorkelers-- I'm still working on getting my boys to swim, and we live in CA!