Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baseball and Football

Gavin and Eli have really been into sports the last month. Gavin has developed a love for baseball and Eli has followed. Gavin is taking a baseball class with his school buddy and now can hardly wait for Wednesday evenings. Eli was sad he couldn't take the class too, but has been satisfied in just watching. Gavin has made significant improvement since he started the class. I still get a little chuckle watching the 6 year olds play. They are so silly in class as well.

Eli is taking a soccer class with Brandon and is loving it. He is getting more and more aggressive. He started the class by just running and around and following the ball. Now, he actively attempts to kick and score. It has been fun to watch.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we met up with his friend N and played baseball. Gavin asks every Saturday to go play with N.

The boys also got into football this season.  They were so excited about the Giants in the superbowl.  They stayed up and watched the entire game.
Eli was so excited about Eli Manning

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