Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The "Boys Only" trip to Denver

While I was spending some quality time with this cute little guy..

My other 3 boys were off doing a little bit of this...

Over the MLK weekend, Boyd took Gavin and Eli to Colorado to visit his brother Joel and his family.  We don't get to see them much and Boyd decided it was time for a visit.

While they were there they went snowboarding.  Really, Gavin ended up being the only one who did much snowboarding.  Eli tried it once (with a teacher) and refused to do anything else that day.  Boyd said he sat in this position the whole time whining about going home..

Gavin really enjoyed it. 

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Thanks to Uncle Joel, Gavin got to try the ski lift and actually go down the mountain. 

They had a great time with their cousins
They visited Great Grandma McGinnis
They played Lazer Tag
They went to a Japanese Steakhouse

I enjoyed a lot of quiet time with Joshua.  I did have a "girls night" at my house while they were gone and had a great time. 

Thanks again to Joel and Coryn and fam!


Erica said...

That trip looks so fun. I miss all of you, but when we move closer to Colorado, we'll move farther away from you :( So tricky

New York Nelsons said...

We miss you guys too. We would love to get up to Boston one more time before you go. Sad!