Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did I mention?

Did I mention that this cute girl is no longer living with us?

Sherilyn, Boyd's little sister, came to live with us in June for the summer. She came after she graduated from highschool and before she was to start college in January. She babysat for us as well and some of our friends. She ended up staying until the end of November! It was fun to see her come into her own while she was here. It was great to really get to know her and and understand what makes her tick. There wasn't a lot of space in our apartment, but we made it work. She was supposed to have Eli's bed, but Eli ended up joining her in bed for most of the time she was here. It was fun to watch her come to love the city and to experience all that is has to offer. She made so many friends while she was here. The boys, especially Eli, are going to miss her. With the boys, she played games, made believe with remote controls, solved puzzles, played tickle monster, made envelopes, and so much more. She is a very special young woman and we are excited for all that is ahead of her.
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Mackenzie said...

you are beautiful, inside and out!
m + boys

Sherilyn said...

I miss you!! I'll never forget all the fun times I had in New York City with all of you wonderful people. I love you.