Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Calendar

Christmas is in full swing around here and it has been so much fun.  Gavin is a true believer right now and you can't help, but be excited.  We went and saw Santa this week and on our way to go visit, he asked " how are we were getting there?"  I said, "the subway."  He answered, "We are taking the subway to the North Pole?"  The conversation only got more interesting when he asked, "Did Santa bring his sleigh to Bloomindale's?"

We have done advent calendar's in the past, but they have been edible!  This year, following a good friend's lead, we are doing activities every day leading up to Christmas. We got a great advent calendar last year and it has 25 pockets.  It has been so fun.  Gavin pops out of bed every morning and heads straight to the calendar to see what we are doing for the day.  I didn't have it together the first day, so I only had the first's day's paper in the calendar.  He asked me why there weren't paper's in all the pockets.  I told him that they appear magically each day.  That has really added to the mystery and excitement.  Here is a look at our first couple of weeks!

Our Advent Calendar!

Day 1 Make Ornaments with Lucas and Sam

Day 2-Make Christmas Chains

Gav's prek friend joined us!

Gav's chain

Eli is very creative, wouldn't you say?
Day 3-Watch a Christmas Movie and eat caramel popcorn .. We watched Frosty the Snowman

Day 4-Make paper snowflakes

Gavin got to go see Elizabeth Mitchell perform that day as well!
Day 5-Christmas Caroling at Brick Church
Day 6-Get Christmas Tree and decorate it!
We have bought from the same guy 3 out of the past 4 years

Day 7- Go to Library and pick out Christmas books-Charlie Brown Christmas and The Polar Express
Day 8-Go see Santa

We went to Bloomingdale's this year and the Santa was super friendly and spent atleast 5 minutes with the kids

We went to eat after!
Day 9- Do something nice for someone else..Gavin helped a friend find her boot and Eli helped Gavin do something, but I can't remember. 

Day 10-Watch a Christmas Movie and eat popcorn-- The boys watched Rudolph.  It was also the day of Gavin's Holiday Concert at school!
Gavin got to ring a bell!
Day 11- Go to Ward Christmas Party and see Santa!

Day 12-Make a gift  (I won't say what or for whom, because they are reading) It was also our ward Christmas program.
The boys before church


Mackenzie said...

Look at you - amazing! I love this tradition.

breckster said...

How sweet! We miss you guys.

mysomedaylist said...

You are so good! I used to do that, maybe not as well organized as you, but it feels like with one in 2nd grade, one in preschoo, and a baby, i'm barely keeping my head above the water. It looks like your boys are really enjoying Christmas!


Jamie Curtis said...

i love this - it sounds so fun!! i'll have to keep this idea in mind for future christmases! xoxo.

Lindsay said...

Great posts, Emily! I've been so behind on my blog reading. Christmas in New York seems so magical! Also, you look great! Good job on your fitness goals. And, Gavin is soooo cute in his glasses! It is a hard adjustment, but hopefully they will do their job. Does he have to wear them all the time? I had to patch one of Luke's eyes over the summer--it was a major pain and didn't end up making any difference at all. Both my boys are in glasses full time. I clean glasses about 50 times a day, as you can probably imagine! Happy holidays to you all!!

Erica said...

The activities advent calendar is a great idea! It looks like you are having a great December.

The Boone Family said...

Great idea! Looks like your boys are having a blast with it! Miss ya, Em! Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving with your fam, too! love ya :)

emily said...

I love your advent, because those activities actually seem doable and not too elaborate/expensive. I'll be checking back here next year to use your ideas.

Also we love your Christmas card--we always really enjoy the poem you write.