Thursday, December 2, 2010

More than just Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Amarillo, Texas where my sister lives with her family. My parents sold their home in New Mexico before they left on their mission to Mexico, so we all gathered at my sister home this year to celebrate their return from serving a mission in Mexico and Thanksgiving. It was a great gathering --Mom, Dad, Anna Min and her family, Ben and his family, my family, my Grandma Call, Aunt Ellen, and Uncle John, and Jereme's parents too. We really had a lot to celebrate over Thanksgiving. We celebrated my parents return, my grandma's 88th birthday, Alyvia's 8th birthday and her baptism.

We really had a memorable time.  Anna Min's friend hooked us up with a large empty house to all stay at while we were there!  There were no babies amongst the cousins and the pack of cousins just roamed and played.  We can tell they formed some great cousin bonds.  I was able to play as a substitute on Anna Min's volley ball team and I had a blast.  It made me realize how much I missed it. We also got to play again with my siblings and spouses.  I have to find a way to play on a regular basis.  My boys love back yards.  Gavin kept telling people when we got back that his cousins had a back yard!. Thanks to Anna Min for planning such a great trip.  Thanks to my mom and dad for their service, and thanks to all my family to coming.  It had been 2 1/2 years since we have all been together. 

I should mention that we are luck to have Eli alive.  He nearly strangled himself on a rope, fell in cactus, burned his hand, and fell and nearly cut his ear off.  I so worry about him.

Welcome back Grandma and Grandpa!
The kids spent a lot of time on this
Grandma Call's 88th surprise birthday party

Opening gifts   

Discovery Center Fun
Back yard fun
Thanksgiving at the Church!  It was so great. They kids had a blast in the gym.  Here are some of the cooks!
our pies
the kid's table!
After turkey slumber
after turkey church fun
Jump n' Jive
A little Texas fun.. Lazer Tag!  My sister and husband own a Laser Tag company.
Alyvia's baptism!
Hike in Palo Duro Canyon
Uncle Ben leading the kids into danger!


Mackenzie said...

so much fun!

Sherilyn said...

How fun! Isn't Thanksgiving great?! I'm glad you made it home in the same four pieces you left in! :)

Jill Schenk said...

So glad you were able to get together with family for Thanksgiving. Great to see the fun pictures and hear of the things you did. Now we know where Sherilyn is. I've wondered when she was going to leave the big city, I know she has loved it there with you. Have a great Christmas. Aunt Jill

Liz Green said...

Looks like a fun vacations!

David and Jana said...

How fun to all be together. :) So glad you were safe and had so much fun!