Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall Fitness challenge

I haven't been the greatest blogger as of late, but I have been focused on something else for the last couple of months. I have been part of a fitness challenge with about 36 other people. We all contributed $25 and then were awarded points for completing various challenges each week for 8 weeks. The fitness challenge is officially over as of yesterday, but it was such a great experience for me that I want to keep up many of the newly formed habits. Here is the challenge:

No Desserts (6 pts. + 1 bonus pt. = 7 points)
No Soda (6 pts. + 1 bonus pt. = 7 points)
No Eating after 8pm (6 pts. + 1 bonus pt. = 7 points)
Scripture Reading (6 pts. + 1 bonus pt. = 7 points) - at least 1 chapter per day
Exercise (5 pts. + 1 bonus pt. = 6 points)
Weekly Challenge (6 pts. + 1 bonus pt. = 7 points)

Week 1: Keep a food journal
Week 2: 7 hours of sleep per night
Week 3: 5 servings of vegetables per day
Week 4: Drink 64 fluid ounces of water per day
Week 5: 100 sit-ups & 50 push-ups per day (doesn't necessarily have to
be done in one sitting. Try 5 sets of 20 sit-ups & 10 push-ups
throughout the day)
Week 6: 4 servings of fruit per day
Week 7: 5 small meals per day
Week 8: Run/Walk at least 1/2 marathon (this doesn't have to be
completed at one time, but can be done in small increments throughout the week to add up to 13.1 miles)

It has been a great experience for me and I am proud of myself for sticking with it and for giving it my all. I have not been very disciplined the last couple of years, so it has felt so good to actually accomplish something I started. and I really liked how it has made me feel!

I lost 9 pounds! It has been hard for me to be super happy with 9 pounds because I have so much more weight to lose, but I have realized I need to celebrate each pound and continue to patient in the process.(which is why I hope to continue most of the challenges, with  a few modifications)

I am also grateful for the spiritual component of the challenge. I realized that scripture study is possible and that it is an important party of my day.

Also, it has been fun to be part of this with such a fun and supportive group. I had many opportunities to work out in different ways and with different people and it was fun. I loved that my life was focused on fitness and health and that other people were sharing that experience.

Finally, I have challenged myself mentally. I ran/walked a 15.2 miles. We started at Battery Park City and ended up near Ft. Tyron Park at the top of Manhattan. I ran more of it than I ever thought I could. I realized I am capable of more than I really thought possible.

At the start of our Half-Marathon in Battery Park City.  We finished up at the top of Manhattan near Ft. Tyron Park.  Here is a link to the route we took


Melanie said...

That is so great! I have more than 9 # to lose, too, and it's hard to be patient. If I do well for a few days, I want it to be over already! I love having people to inspire me. Thank you so much for your great example in discipline.

Cheyney and Ryan Lindgren said...

I am very impressed. You are an inspiration! I want to copy your goals word for word.


mysomedaylist said...

Way to go, em! You are awesome. Embrace those 9 pounds and look forward to the next 9! You inspire me.

Keep it up!


Jill said...

What a great program! Good for you! And how nice to do it with friends!