Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eli Turns 3

Eli turned 3 a few weeks ago! He could hardly wait for his party.  He had been asking about it since Gavin's birthday in June.  We decided to to a joint party with Ava, his friend whose birthday is only a few days before his.  It was a Safari animal theme held at the Safari Park and it really turned out well!  Eli was so happy and we were so happy his friends could celebrate with him!

The Birthday Cake!  Thanks to Louise and Heidi!
The birthday boy and girl
Gavin got to be the tiger in the Tiger Hunt Boyd led them on
The cupcakes!
The spread
I think this says it all!
Aren't these animal masks so fun?  Everyone got one.
On the hunt!
Pin the nose on the Lion
Boyd entertained as usual
I think this picture is so cute because Eli is leaning over to Miles and seems like he could be saying, "Isn't this so fun?"
We had a little family party the night before


Monica Rich said...

So great. Our kids had so much fun at the party. Glad we could make it for once!

David said...

Loved seeing these pics!!!!


Sherilyn said...

Who took those amazing pictures???! Oh, wait! It was me!! ;) hehe. It helps to have adorable subjects :)

Liz Green said...

Wow, you really went all out with Eli's birthday party. Sad we were out of town and missed out.