Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Davis Park, Fire Island

A few weekends ago we were able to join my dear friend Monica, her family, and her friends out on on Fire Island where they had rented a house for a week.  We joined them for a couple of nights. It is an island off of Long Island that you have to get to by ferry and there are no cars.  There are only a few small stores, several vacation homes and boardwalks (like above), and the beach.  We had a blast.

The kids started a lemonade stand and made over $12. 

The boys had a great time with all their friends.  We were all able to spend some much needed time with Boyd, and we were able to spend some great quality time with good friends.  
One of my favorite parts is that I was able to play in the ocean quite a bit.  The ocean was pretty rough while we were there and the waves were quite big, thus the boogie boarding was quite fun.  I have loved all my time at the beach this summer.  I am like a child again when I get to the beach.  Most of the time I am managing the kids at the beach, but on this trip, I was able to do my own playing at the beach. 


Monica Rich said...

We were so glad you could come!

The Boone Family said...

Em, sounds like you had so much fun! "I na come..." :) I love your recent posts of you and your cute family! love ya!