Friday, September 17, 2010

Camping at Camp Waubeeka

We have been camping for the last two years and we couldn't let the year pass without going camping!

There was so much going on prior to this trip and it just wanted planned properly.  I didn't have the energy.

We didn't even have a camping spot the day before we were going.  It was Labor Day Weekend and there wasn't a camping spot within 3 hours.  So, a few of the families we were going with couldn't go.

We decided to go anyway.  We decided to try one last place 2 hours away.  At this point we didn't care where we were going.  We just wanted a place to set up camp and have a fire.  That is all the boys wanted.  I found a website for a place called Camp Waubeeka.  It did not seem like a quiet place to go camping , but we decided to go anyway.  You have to check out the website and you will see why I didn't think it would be ideal.

But, it turned out to be the best place we have been camping near the city (we have only been 2 other places).  The campsite was huge, the campground was secluded (it was far away from the RV Resort area)  There was a great little hiking trail.  IT was close to some other great hiking areas.

It was such a great trip.  It brought me back to my younger years went I was camping with my mom and dad and brother and sister.  Honestly, camping with my family are some of my fondest memories.

It was a great trip to spend with the boys.  They enjoyed exploring.  I was actually pretty proud of the food we prepared.  For dinner  we had homemade corn salsa and chips, fresh fire roasted corn on the cob, fruit, hotdogs roasted on the fire, and of course s'mores.  For breakfast we had pancakes, sausages, and juice.

We are hoping to return to this spot in early October with friends to enjoy the fall foliage. 
The hike begins
The explorers checking out the beautiful crane we spotted

Eli can't help but collect things.  He is always shoving stuff into his pockets. 
The quest to find the perfect roast stick was successful
Gavin tried to eat his roasted hotdog right off the stick
It is did rain a bit, but it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves
We tried to sing around the campfire, but it proved unsuccessful.
The hike to sunset rock
The view from Sunset Rock


David said...

That looks like an amazing camping trip. I'm sure your boys will look back so fondly on these trips too!


Liz Green said...

Looks like so much fun. Your pictures bring me back to great memories I had camping as a child.