Friday, September 17, 2010

Cramming it in

The week before school started, we went crazy trying to fit in the last few things on our to do list.  I think we over did it and I was GRUMPY at certain points. Oh well, it was totally worth it!

We were able to return to a really great lake and water park ( within that lake.  They had a bunch of water toys inside the lake that the kids could bounce and climb on.  They also had small water slides.  Gavin even tried the big kid water slides this year. 

Last soccer class and the park,

Victoria Gardens--It is the perfect little amusement park for kids under 7.  The kids can go on most the rides without an adult.  IT is never crowded (or has never been when we have gone), so the kids can just keep riding rides over and over.  It really isn't that expensive either.  We had a great time.

We had our last Capoeira class, we all went swimming and then, Inacio's dad made all of us lunch and gave the kids a music class! 
We finally made it out to the Aquarium.  We took the 1 1/2 hour subway ride out to Coney Island.  The kids helped make the journey out there a lot of fun.  The kids loved the sea life almost as much as they loved the person who was scuba diving while cleaning the sea lion tank. They love their friends.  I have to admit though that this trip about put me over the edge.  I went to bed at 2AM the night before.  I had already over scheduled myself and the kids all week.  It was super muggy and hot.  I was super grumpy and frustrated.  It made me realize once again that I can't try and do too much and I HAVE TO GO TO BED EARLIER!  Hopefully, my kids and my friends will forgive me for being a mess on that outing.

We went camping, but I took too many pictures, so I am going to do another post to document that trip.
Labor Day was so beautiful this year and we finished off our summer with a great picnic. 

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Mackenzie said...

what a great summer!