Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! The day before Christmas Eve I was not feeling the Christmas spirit. Luckily, Christmas Eve morning I woke up feeling excited. I even kept that mood after I went to Fairway (a fabulous grocery store, but can also get extremely crowded and Christmas Eve morning was the worst I had seen it). I came home and made a brunch with Cranberry Cream French toast being the star of the menu. We watched Christmas movies with the kids. Gavin was very disturbed by "The Muppet's Christmas Carol." He kept asking when it was going to be like it was at the beginning (happy.) We had to turn it off to eat and he started balling. He said, "when is Scrooge going to be nice and when is everyone going to be happy." He was very sad all through breakfast and said he wouldn't be OK until everything was happy on the movie. I guess that movie was a bit much for my sensitive and loving boy.

That afternoon we went a live Nativity at the Church of Heavenly Rest. It was such a neat experience and it really brought the real meaning of Christmas back. The kids loved the live animals too. Gavin was very concerned about seeing baby Jesus the whole time and asked about 100 questions during the performance. As a side note we sat behind Tom Brokaw and Eli kicked him a couple of times. Sorry Tom.

That evening we went to some friends for soup and treats and carolling. I have to say our pianist rocked and therefore carolling was a rocking good time!

We came home and had a Christmas Eve family night where we talked about why we celebrate Christmas and told the story of Jesus. The boys then got to open one present. We are starting to give Christmas books for that gift they open.Boyd and I stayed up way too late playing Santa's helper and making my triple peppermint trifle. Boyd requested that I make it again.

Christmas morning was glorious for all involved and the boys were so excited for the gifts. It took forever to open them all because the kids played with their toys in between.

We had monkey bread and yogurt for breakfast!

I spent the rest of the day cooking and sleeping. They boys played and slept and ate, and played some more. We were also able to skype with Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Miggy and the gang! We even had a conference call with my siblings!

That night we went to our friends' home and celebrated together with a large feast! We had such a wonderful dinner. It was a great end to a wonderful Christmas!

Snowed in

Can you find our Van?

Last Thursday Gavin, Eli, and Eli all traveled to Long Island to spend the weekend at the Rich's home. In return for watching our kids while Boyd and I escaped to Block Island in October, we were coming out to watch their 3 kids and their 7 chickens (I was a bit more nervous about the chickens) while they came into the city to stay at our place for a weekend escape. The boys and I came out early so that Monica and I could make our peppermint bark and Christmas candy that we make every year. We spent a good portion of the day in the kitchen. However, we didn't get to our peppermint bark because Monica had a little tripping incident and ended up in the ER (thank goodness she didn't break anything.) It all happened right before bed time. I attempted to put all of the kids down that night and it was quite comical. The kids played musical beds. I couldn't find sheets for a couple of the beds. Miles (monica's youngest) would let me come near him. They were all a bit excited and were bouncing of the walls! Luckily, after about an hour and multiple bed changes, the kids were settled!

Mon and Adam left the next day for the city. Boyd joined me that night. We definitely had some crazy moments with all 5 of the kids, but for the most part it went pretty smoothly. I am not ready to have 5 kids however. We even decorated cookies with all of the kids. The biggest excitement of the weekend was the SNOW.

Monica and Adam made it back late Saturday night after trekking home in a blizzard. Picture taken (by Monica) around midnight before the bulk of the storm hit

By the time Sunday morning rolled around there was about 24-27 inches of snow. (It seemed more like 20 inches to me, but according to the news the town we were in received the highest totals at 27 inches.

Boyd was supposed to be back for a talk, but as you can see from above (first picture) our car was completely buried!

and the snow was still falling Sunday morning. The trains were all delayed, so he had to let them know he wasn't going to make it. Their church was cancelled, so we spent the day there! Boyd and Adam spent the day shoveling

Monica and I spent the day making peppermint bark and chocolate covered Joe joes. The kids spent the day playing in the snow.
We even lucked out and saw the Santa Engine pass through the neighborhood!

Santa Visit from Monica Rich on Vimeo.

We had a fun time playing games that night!
It was a great place to be snowed in. I hope they didn't mind too much!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leading up to..

We have been getting ready for Christmas all month long. Here is a photo journal of those celebrations:
Starting with our Christmas Tree and decorating

Then it was off to Macy's to see Santa

Here is Gavin's List he made for Santa

Next is our annual trip to the Botanical Gardens Train show
Our second trip and newest tradition is Caroling at the Brick Church and Park Ave tree lighting.. These were the kids in front of the Church

Train show at Grand CentralThe kids preferred the real trains

The Ward Christmas Party.. Eli was so excited to sit on Santa's lap!

Christmas Party and Triple Chocolate Peppermint Trifle

Ginger bread houses at the Parker Meridian

The Burger Joint after the Gingerbread housesRockefeller Tree

I wish I could have taken pictures and video from our Ward and Stake Christmas Programs. They were amazing. I am going to save my final weekend prior to Christmas adventures for my next post..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Rockin' Thanksgiving

The children are not in the picture, but the evidence of their presence at Thanksgiving is in the picture. ( as Loren pointed out)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Denver. It was the first time Boyd's family has all been together in a long time. It was a great trip from start to finish. We didn't have a single delay on any of our flights. We didn't get sick or get anyone else sick. We stayed with Boyd's brother and his family an had a great time. The cousins bonded. Boyd's sister and family were back from England and so we got to see them before they headed for their new home in West Virginia.

Thanksgiving dinner was absolutely amazing. We ate and ate all day long. We played lots of games. A new discovery for us this Thanksgiving was Rock Band. We had a blast playing with everyone. I don't normally care for video games, but this game is fun.

We already miss everyone. It really was a memorable Thanksgiving!
Lots of boys!

these 2 together equal trouble

The girls rocking out

Seth, Tom, and Mollie enjoying the amazing feast

Grandma Miggy!

The England crowd returns!

The Turkey was that good!