Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saying Good-Bye

I am catching up on most of my summer. I have had a few random posts, but I have pretty much failed to document our memorable summer. And now my posts will all be rushed! One post I want to make sure to document is the the Good-byes we had to do this summer to our dear friends. It is part of living in the city. People are constantly moving in and out. Frankly, it is hard. We have some amazing people here and it is hard to watch them go. This summer we were hit pretty hard again. The Brunson's and Jennejohns both moved at the beginning of the summer. The Jennejohn's will be coming back in a year, but unless a miracle happens and Jamie gets her way, The Brunson's will not. Sam, Jamie, Jane, and Mary lived six floors above us and it was so wonderful. Gavin and Jane have known each since they were in their mommy's wombs. Jamie and I experience the transition to motherhood around the same time. Gavin and Eli have missed their little buddies. I have missed my buddies. But, they are like family, so they can't get rid of us!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the kids and below are some pics of one of the many going away get togethers. I failed to get any pictures from their big going away party. :(

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Ryan said...

Man, you guys are true new yorkers. You've been there forever.