Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picnics, parks, playgrounds, and everything in between

We have spent most of our summer in the parks and at the playgrounds. The temperature has been so mild this summer and that has made an even more enjoyable summer.. Here are some pics..

Eli and Brandon.

Thanks to Abby and Gracie and Miles my boys can still enjoy lots of fun in a backyard!

We had many fun picnics by the underground train station and lots of scooter rides with Lucas.

Movie nights..

Ward playgroups..

Little Learners Reunion

Raspberry Picking

Ward Picnic

Backyard fun at Anna's


Monica Merced Rich said...

We wish we had more time with you this summer!

Christina said...

Summer, kids and water definitely go together. I love the looks on the boys faces when they are holding the water balloons. Look out!!!