Monday, September 8, 2008

When we got back..

We were lucky enough to have Boyd's brother and his family come visit us. We loved every minute of it! They have 3 little boys, so we had an apartment full of boys under 5. It was great.

The men took all 5 boys to the park and I was able to take Coryn on her inaugural trip to Ikea the first day we were here. We enjoyed just eating and spending time together. Saturday was spent in Central Park at the Carousel and the boat pond.

I think the best was being able to eat at one of our favorite places, Blue Water Grill, WITHOUT our kids.

The food was delicous and it was nice to enjoy each others company without distractions.

The boys attempted to sleep in the same room. I know Gavin was very excited about the sleepover!

We are so glad they came to visit and we miss them already!

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Hemingways said...

It looks like you've had a great summer! I've enjoyed in a way a tiny part of it, thanks for sharing. We miss New York so much and every time I visit your site I miss it just that much more. But hey we have the Wisan's now which we are thrilled about! Can't wait to see what fun you have this fall