Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Trip Part 2-New Mexico Skies

I can't really say that NM is "home" anymore. I haven't lived there for over 10 years. I have now lived in NY longer than I have lived anywhere. But NM will always hold a special place in my heart. Knowing that my parents might move made me soak up my time in NM and it was a memorable trip. One thing that always strikes me when I return to NM is its unique beauty. Some may not see it, but it is there. A beauty that is undeniably there are the New Mexico skies. It was greener than it typically is this time of year and there were yellow wild flowers scattered everywhere.

The Nolte Reunion was held in Vanderwagon at a Kamp Kiwanas (yes, the Kamp is with a K). It included 2 dorms, a lodge, horseshoes, volleyball court, playground, amphitheater, fire pit) We had the whole place to ourselves. I wish I would describe every moment of our reunion, but the memories are already fading and I think it just might be too much, so here are the things that stand out and that I want to remember from the trip..
  • All the cousins and second cousins playing together all day everyday. I think we all wanted to be a kid again. They just spent their days exploring, creating, playing, and yes there was some fighting. Oh and of course the pinata!

  • Gavin developed his first "crush" on his cousin Lydia. Gavin mentioned Gavin when we he woke up, when he were going somewhere, when it was time to eat. When he saw her he would stop whatever he was doing to talk to her. She, of course, is 5 and ignored him!
  • Boyd teaching everyone the "Soulja Boy Dance" Does anyone have a video of that?
  • Gavin spent about 50% of his time on the tricycle. He spent a good portion of the time doing it with his eye swollen shut! He kept running into things! We don't have such luxuries in New York. He also just spent hours outside and out of my direct view for much of the time. Living in New York, he doesn't get much of that time. I always know where he is, because I have to.

  • sitting around the campfire hearing all the updates of each of the families. I miss being close to family and it was a great way to feel connected with everyone.
  • Playing horseshoes. It was a way to spend some one on one time with Sue and Adrienne and Greg and Joyce. I even got a double ringer.

  • Playing Charades at midnight with all my siblings and cousins and spouses, parents, aunts and uncles!
  • The Talent Show- Our disgusting toothpaste skit, all the kids, kermit and Aimee, Aimee and Katie singing Wicked, Dad singing "Soon it's Going to Rain"
  • The Water Park
  • GAVIN's poor eye. WE think Gavin is allergic to mosquito bites. He was bitten near the eye and his eye was swollen shut and half of his face was also swollen. It scared me quite a bit.

  • The food.. Lots and lots of yummy food

  • Gavin rode his first horse! Sue, Adrienne, and Sarah's excitement over there adventure!
Thanks Fam for making it such a wonderful visit! "Keep on keepin' on!" It was a wonderful reunion and I am looking forward to 2011!

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