Monday, February 8, 2010

Week Long Celebrating

I love it when I can extend my birthday all week! Last Tuesday I woke up to a delightful breakfast of french toast and fresh fruit. My favorite part, was sitting down and seeing my birthday cards from Gavin and Eli.

The best present I received was Boyd taking the day off work. I spent the first part of the day out with friends. I got some free tickets to The View and we saw Ashton Kutcher, a guy from Modern Family, and Melissa Rivers. We had a lot of fun.
I was treated to an amazing lunch at Esca. Later that day Boyd spoiled me even more by making a dinner of Artichokes and King Crab Legs. We topped the day off with a birthday cake and presents with the family. ( I wish I could insert a picture here, but we didn't take any at dinner and the rest of the pictures from that night were not so flattering)

My birthday was extended the whole week by a lunch celebration with friends the next day!

and Boyd took me to see West Side Story later that week. I love birthdays. Thanks for all who made it such a special week.
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Ryan said...

Wonderful. You and min look great. Happy bday!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I love that show!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!! I wish I'd known! Seriously, we need to get together.