Sunday, February 15, 2009

My tummy hurts

I love Gavin when he tells me he has a tummy ache when he doesn't want to eat any more of his dinner/lunch/breakfast.

Not too long ago Gavin got a stomach bug of sorts and pretty much didn't eat for 4 days or so. Eventually he started eating again, but he hasn't been the same since. He gained some insight as to what he can say and do to get out of eating.

He became a much pickier eater. Now we sit down and he doesn't like what he is eating, he says.. "I have a tummy ache and I just can't finish my dinner." At first I worried he had some sort of stomach problems. But, I began to notice that he played the "my tummy hurts" at very selective times. It magically disappeared during dessert or treat time.

It has carried over to bed time. He now says he has had a bad dream when he wants to get out of bed. It is has been funny, but also very frustrating.

One day this past week, when we were eating some cabbage patch soup for lunch, he told me his tummy hurt. I told him that when he tells me his tummy hurts for dinner, it also means that he can't have dessert because his tummy hurts. He paused for about 30 seconds and then said, "mommy, my head hurts," and held his head and looked at me with his big brown eyes..


Pomona Noltes said...

Oh, he's very sweet. Charlie has become a picky eater. Don't give into him and start making him grilled cheese all the time. That's my advice to you! Keep making him eat the cabbage soup or nothing at all. :) (it's my advice...but i couldn't do it. i caved and now i'm paying the price!)

emily said...

i'm concerned that you're making soup out of cabbage patch kids--my girls would be horrified! ;)

Jusco said...

Kids sure are clever, aren't they. :-)

Lindsay said...

What exactly is cabbage patch soup? You've got to and it to him for being so clever. It's hard staying a step ahead, isn't it?

New York Nelsons said...

Many have asked what cabbage patch soup is.. So here is the answer. It is basically a cabbage chili. (ground beef, onion, celery, tomatoes, chili powder, kidney beans, and of course cabbage). It is delicious. My mom made it for us growing up and she always called it that. I was so confused as a little girl. I used to think it was really cool, though, that I was eating cabbage patch soup, like it was related to the dolls somehow. No relation, however.

Hemingways said...

Aren't children so smart. I'm always amazed.