Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Habits

I am not exactly sure why I haven't been posting lately. There has been a lot to blog about, but I just haven't felt the desire to blog. I want to post again, tonight, even if it is short. Otherwise, I am afraid I will stop blogging all and that would be sad! It has been a great outlet for me and I am happy to be recording this precious time in my life. It is always amazing to me how long it takes me to get into a good habit and how quickly a habit can disappear and how quickly bad habits form and how long they take to disappear.

Last year I had a resolution to start exercising again and I did it for 4 months. I worked hard to get that far. It only took one week of Boyd being out of town (so I couldn't go to the gym) for me to not return for 8 months. I started working out again a couple months ago and I have been proud of myself. Boyd has been gone all week again, so I MUST GO ON MONDAY morning or I fear I won't return.

I have to keep my good habits going, otherwise my bad habits will take over.

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Morgan said...

amen to that. i hate that it is so easy to get out of a good habit, and it always seems to happen before i even realize that it has. way to go on the last few months though, and keep it up!!