Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little glue and a car band-aid to make things all better

Eli is our little daredevil. He is climbing and jumping off everything these days. We pray on a daily basis that he will survive the many falls he endures each day. This week he finally had his first fall that resulted in a trip to the doctors. He fell of Jane's bed this week and he split above his eye. Thank goodness it wasn't a huge cut, but we (thanks Jamie for the quick assessment) decided it was probably just big enough for stitches. I rushed him to his pediatrician. His doctor began our visit with. "We often suggest with facial cuts that you visit an ER or a Cosmetic surgeon to get stitches." A plastic surgeon? (Only in New York!) It was just a little cut. Luckily she decided that it was in a good spot and it was a clean cut, so glue was sufficient. Thank goodness!

My Dr. told me she keeps glue at home for her 3 year old boy. Can I get a bottle? It is times like these that I wish I had gone into medicine.


Tara said...

Oh! That's so scary when kids cut their heads! Luckily Adalyn hasn't had any cuts, just a million bonks! I'm glad he's okay!

EdaMommy said...

Poor Eli! Poor Mommy & Daddy! Probably the first of many to come. I hope you can all survive well.

David and Jana said...

You have boys!! Welcome to purple and blue!! and then green and yellow! :) I love the band-aid!
Hey good job running your race!! That is awesome. I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures! Happy birthday in 10 days! :)