Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have been horrible about keeping a baby book for my boys.. I had one started for Gavin, but Eli has had nothing! So, I am going to record some milestones here. We are so proud of you, Eli!

Eli has been so close for weeks, that I wondered when it was going to happen, but this week in front of 2 friends to witness, Eli walked. It was only about 4 steps, but he did it. We were visiting a park in Chelsea and I am still not sure what motivated him, but I think it was some grapes that Jane was holding! This video was right after it happened and of course I couldn't get him to repeat it for the camera!

He has been pointing for a few weeks. He sticks out his pointy finger and usually without much control directs it towards something he wants. Today, his pointy finger became a wave. He saw me and he got excited and pointed and then started waiving.

So, this last milestone he has been doing for a while, but I haven't said anything because I wasn't sure it counted... But, I have decided it does.. He has been saying Maammamma for a while.. At first, I decided it was just babbling, but then one day I started walking away and Eli started crawling after me saying mmamamammam.. So, that counts, right? He doesn't say it all the time, but he does say it! So, I am putting it in the record books as his first word!

He loves to play, climb, eat, grab anything he can't have, slobber all over his big brother, play catch and throw with his ball, and just smile and have fun. He continues to make us smile. He has an excitement for everything. He looks us at us with squinty eyes and a big smile or a big open mouth. He brings excitement to our little family.


rach said...

Em, that is so cute, and of course that counts as his first word! I can't believe he took some exciting and crazy (how old is he?!) I love your family pictures by-the-way, you guys are so photogenic.

David and Jana said...

Cute cute cute!