Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Trip Part 1--The Valley-0

I am so glad that I decided to brave the flight to Utah with the 2 boys without Boyd so that I could have a few extra days in the Valley-0 before Loren's Wedding. I wish Boyd could have been there the whole time, but he couldn't take a off that much work. I was hesitant to do it since Eli can't sit in my lap for more that 2 minutes. We survived and It was wonderful... Here is a quick breakdown of our Utah Visit..

  • Spending a couple of days with my brother Ben and his family and Grandma and Grandpa. Going on a "big" water slide with Gavin in my lap.. Eating Cafe Rio again. Shopping with Mom. Gavin spent as much time as he could in Nathan's toy car. Whenever they were outside he was in it. Occasionally, he would get out to roll down the hill with Grandpa!
  • Eating a delicious lunch with my dear friend Gina. We can get together and talk and laugh as if no time has passed since we saw each other. I wish we lived closer to each other.
  • Roommate Reunion! It was great to spend the morning with my old roommates...

and all of our kids!
The Call Family Reunion! Not everyone could make it, but it was great to see those who did. This is Eli with his Great Grandma Call! This is my cousin Jill and her little boy who is also named Eli and is almost the same age.

  • Visiting our friends Dan and Amanda and Bryce and Karen.. Friends who betrayed us and moved from New York! :) Thanks to Bryce and Karen who babysat our kids so we could enjoy a Loren's Rehearsal Dinner!
  • Spending precious little time with Grandma Miggy and Sherilyn.
  • Gavin's first trip to temple square!
  • Loren and Erica's Wedding.. We enjoyed getting to know Erica and her family better. The couple looked very handsome..

Gavin is ready to catch the guarder at the wedding. Thank goodness he didn't catch it!

We then got in a van and made the long drive to New Mexico with my parents... to be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the family reunion was fun. We were bummed we missed.