Monday, April 30, 2012


We had a fabulous Easter this year. It was nice to have family visiting. Sherilyn even showed up just in time for the festivities. We had a great visit from the Easter Bunny, a fun morning hunt, followed by discussion of the resurrection and atonement. After church we had a nice dinner with family and friends.
Boyd and his little brother and sister
No worries, it is just juice!  But, really good juice.  :)

Easter picnic

My friend (her pics are amazing, check them out) hosted an amazing Easter Egg picnic in Central Park. It was an absolute gorgeous day in Central Park. Loren was able to join Sophie and Erica for the weekend as well. We dyed Easter eggs after the picnic and ended the day at Patsy's!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sophie and Erica came for a visit

Sophie and Erica came to visit along with Erica's family just before Easter. The boys loved having their cousin here and we enjoyed having all of them.  The weather was perfect while they were here.  We finally went to the row boats in Central Park!
Row boats in Central Park
Erica insisted on riding by herself.  ahha.  Sophie wanted to ride with her cousins
Lots of play time
Sophie is a cutie
WE did a lot of this while they were here. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gavin, Eli, and Joshua 6 months comparison

Gavin: 20lbs 5 oz  and 29 inches
Eli- 19lbs 2 oz and 28 1/2 inches

Joshua-18 lbs 12 oz and 29 1/4 inches

The Awakening Joshua-6-7 months

Joshua is now 7 Months!  He has definetely reached "the awakening" period.  I don't know if I heard that somewhere or if I just named it that because babies finally come realize that there is a lot of really cool things within their grasp.  He has started eating solids and is loving it.  He still smiles continually and at anyone who pays him attention.  He has 2 teeth.  He finally started sitting up (closer to 7 months), he also finally rolled from front to back.   He is still pretty much bald and I love it.   Here are his 6 months stats:

Height: 29 1/4 inches 97th percentile
Weight: 18 lbs 12 oz abd 60th percentile
Head : 46 cm  It's big.

Random Pics

Here are few random pictures and happenings from the last few months:

Gavin and Grace while visiting Long Island
I love how carefree my kids are when we are there. It is one of our favorite places to visit
Eli's soccer class.  He was so fast in his class and quite aggressive when he wanted to be.
Boyd took the kids to the St. Patty's Day Parade
With a bunch of friends at the Parade
Belvedere Castle
On a family walk to Riverside
I am working on my photography skills now that we have a new camera.  I am even taking a class and I can't wait.  I love this picture of Eli and I worked on it for a while. 
Joshua loves to give kisses, or he loves to try and bite our faces
I had preschool at my house.  I love this little gang.  It is sad to think that they will be going their separate ways next year for Kindergarten. Most have been together for 2 years now at Book Buddies and with our coop this year.